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Meaning: You are communicative about subjects that interest you but can appear aloof and reserved with people whom you do not relate to. You have an active mind and like to stretch it through further education and achievements.
You have strong ideals, humanitarian feelings and are an original and progress ...

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Meaning: Aries people are typically headstrong and impulsive - rushing in where angels fear to tread. They are essentially self-expressive and assertive with qualities of enterprise and spontaneity. Aries people want everything done yesterday and their attitude is usually 'me first' rather than being natural ...

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Meaning: Ruled by Saturn, Capricorns are essentially self repressive, passive, restrained, with qualities of enterprise and practicality.
Traditionally you are cautious, methodical and work patiently and perseveringly to achieve your desired results. Your life may not always be easy but you are resilient ...

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Meaning: You are essentially communicative, self expressive and mentally alert with qualities of adaptability, variability and spontaneity. You can have a 'dual' personality and prone to neurotic outbursts. You like to talk and are creative in your written communications, coming across as witty, agile and in ...

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Meaning: Those born under the sign of Leo are self expressive, assertive and energetic. You like to be the centre of the stage and you have a strong personality. You project a sense of authority and can sometimes come across as overbearing. When you do something you like to do it 'big time' and have little t ...

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Meaning: Associated with Venus and the 7th house, Librans are often the 'charmers' in life. The scales symbol signifies a desire for balance and harmony in most situations and you are generally a fairly 'easy going' sort of person. You like to hear two sides of the story or give consideration to the other pe ...

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Meaning: You are passive and emotional with qualities of intuitiveness, adaptability and variableness. Pisceans are typically sensitive souls with a warm, compassionate and easy going nature. You cannot bear to see suffering in others and are quickly moved to tears. You often keep your innermost feelings to ...

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Meaning: Sagittarians are naturally expressive, energetic and assertive individuals who find it easy to fit in and adapt to various circumstances. They are adventure-seekers who enjoy the freedom of travel and open air pursuits.
Sagittarians are intellectual thinkers who enjoy stimulating conversation. T ...

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Meaning: Scorpion people are recognizable by their prominent facial features, often a roman or straight nose, determined chin and penetrating eyes. They have intense personalities and project a strong animal magnetism, however their downfall is their biting tongue, finding it easy to spit out venom when they ...

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Meaning: Taureans are ruled by Venus, the planet of love. You are practical, reliable and steadfast and have a need for security. Taureans have a sound sense of material values, art, beauty and harmony and a love of good food, comfort and luxuries. You can have very fixed ways and opinions and very strong fe ...

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