Capricorn Star Sign

Ruled by Saturn, Capricorns are essentially self repressive, passive, restrained, with qualities of enterprise and practicality.


Traditionally you are cautious, methodical and work patiently and perseveringly to achieve your desired results. Your life may not always be easy but you are resilient and your self-discipline will help you through most of the problems that you encounter. You are able to plan carefully, coolly and deliberately to achieve your ambitions and you do not give up easily.


Mentally you can be cool and calculating and can appear quite a severe and down to earth person to others. In love you are a serious and faithful lover and enter into relationships with an element of cautious reserve. You don't find it easy to demonstrate your affection but will stick by your mate through thick and thin.


Financially are are prudent and you drive a hard bargain. You acquire to keep and prefer to save rather than invest. Property and land are your main interests and if you gamble you take risks or seem to go for the most improbablye.

Your ideal occupation is working for the benefit of the community or a business, for example, as a scientist, manager, headmaster, engineer, politician, farmer or mathematician. You exercise authority and constructive systems of production and administration.


You value your independence and have an instinctive need for self-sufficiency. Physiologically you could suffer afflictions of the knees, skin and digestive upsets through over acidity - often as a result of worrying and suppressing your emotions and feelings.


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