Meanings of Numbers: Alternative Meanings

This alternative set of meanings can be applied throughout numerology readings, including your life number:


Number One

Number one is the god figure, the number of the Creator, the primal generator of all things, it is a very powerful number and is the sign of the sun. If your digital number is one you can be a enormously forceful but also annoyingly obstinate, but one thing that is certain is that you are individual and will not follow suit. You want to rise to the top and stay there and no amount of opposition will deter you from achieving your aim. You enjoy trying out new ideas and pursuing untrodden paths. Number One people have a one track mind and your feelings of superiority need to be balanced by a sense of humour. You can be totally incorrigible at times and your personality requires sufficient intelligence, humanity and talent for you to justify your massive ego. You can be either remarkable or a crashing bore.

Number Two

This is the number of duality, the separation of man from God. You tend to exhibit certain feminine characteristics and are naturally reticent and willing to compromise in order to keep the peace. By nature you seem placid, ingratiating but your mind is plotting all the time. You prefer to achieve your aim by strategem rather than frontal assault and can be deceptive at times. On the positive side you can be genuinely sweet and you have a quiet side to your nature which appeals to most people. Number two is the number of polarity, of opposites; there is no male without female, no positive without negative and you combine opposites in your life and your approach to the world in general. Number two is ruled by the moon.

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