Magick: An Introduction


What does the idea of magic mean to you? What images, sounds, and sensations does the word conjour up? You see, I know a few things about you already, simply because you're reading this item. You are intelligent (the truly stupid never look beyond the obvious). You are imaginative (since you are considering a topic which can take you outside the normal world view). You want something more in your life.


So just what does the word mean to you? I asked around, and discounting those who talked about stage tricks, got a wide range of responses. "Rituals, candles, incense, wands, spells, power, crypts, virgins, skulls, ancient priesthoods, secret knowledge, mystery, Satan, sacrifice, blood etc." Quite a range of responses. And in a way, they are all right.


So whatever the idea of magic means to you, you are right also. Magic gives you a new perspective on life - the world takes on a new meaning, and as you start your journey into magical practice, your birthright, you gain an increasing ability to change yourself and the world around you.


Note For Those Attracted to Satanism


First of all, lest anyone think I am claiming that Satan is the power behind magic - I am not. But there are lots of people out there who believe in Satan, and there are a great many books produced by fundamentalist publishers which (in the guise of informing churches) will tell you exactly how to go about being a Satanist. If that is what you are looking for I commend you to the church you have so obviously not left, and suggest you will find more to your liking in those publications than anything you find here. And, if you are reading this in the UK, a Psychiatric consultation can be arranged, free of charge, by your G.P. - please take advantage of this service - soon.



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