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Tarot is a fascinating subject with a vast array of aspects and views within the Tarot community. We've written a series of articles on the subject that will hopefully help you to understand the process of giving a Tarot reading. Many are taken from our Tarot course, and are available as free samples and insights below:


Buying a Tarot Deck

Choosing the Tarot deck that works with you the best can be a daunting process. David North makes it easier with a guide to selecting the most appropriate cards for your readings.  Buying a Tarot Deck


Using Tarot For Basic Magic

Tarot cards' uses extend beyond that of giving a divination reading. David North explains its use in basic magic in this insightful article on Tarot. Using Tarot For Basic Magic

Card Layouts

Find out how to add some variation to your Tarot card readings by altering the layout of a Tarot spread. Includes information on the Celtic Cross layout among many others. Card Layouts


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