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We've always been interested in mysticism - Tarot, astrology, magic. eMystica was setup in 2005 to share our discoveries on it with the world. The site, however, has its origins in the early years of the World Wide Web. The crystal ball comes from Picotee, our very first internet presence, which offered hypnosis scripts and a variety of other services, before we founded Hypnotic World.


Who's Who at eMystica

Adam Waude - Editor, eMystica. Adam is also the co-founder of Hypnotic World.com, and manager of Psychologist World.


Faith Waude - co-founder of Hypnotic World and trainer and practitioner of hypnotherapy.


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You can contact us via email, telephone or post:



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We attempt to reply to all emails within 24 hours.

In the UK: 01302 786977

Internationally: 00 44 1302 786977


24 St. David's Drive


South Yorkshire




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