Are You Psychic?

Have you always wondered whether you are psychic or not? Many mediums and psychics tell us that we are all psychic to one degree or another. Take the following test to find out just how in touch with your psychic abilities you are.

Mark the response to each question that best fits your experience. Don't spend too much time on it - your first response is the one that will be the best guide to your talents.

Your Childhood (Page 1 of 3)
1. What sort of games did you prefer when you were a child?

Board Games
Playing with toys
Making up games with friends
Playing or reading by yourself

2. Most of has had an imaginary friend at some point in our childhood. If you had one, was yours

Someone you just made up, or perhaps a character from a book or tv show?
Someone you admired?
Clearly a fantasy on your part?
Able to talk to you?
As "real" as the chair you're sitting on?

3. How well did you fit in with other children?

You were popular with most of the other kids
You found that there were some who were too "rough" for your group
Most of the kids seemed ok
You had a small circle of friends who liked to play quieter games
You had one or two close friends and you made your own way through childhood

4. In later childhood, what sort of home entertainment did you enjoy

Own choice of music
Reading popular magazines
Reading novels

5. At school, what type of subjects did you enjoy?

Practical (woodwork, metalwork, domestic studies etc)
Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, maths etc)
Humanities (History etc.)
Arts (Art, music, etc.)

6. Did you ever

Play at ghost stories
Try and tell fortunes with cards
Play with a Ouija board
Have vivid dreams that reminded you of the past
Have dreams that warned you of future events
7. Did you as a child

Have a safe and major injury free childhood
Suffer the usual childhood injuries
Have quite good health really
Suffered a number of vague, unclear illnesses
Suffer a severe blow to the head




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