A Possession in Iowa

The story of the possession of a woman in Earling, Iowa was originally published in 1935 as a pamphlet entitled Satan Begone. It bears the Imprimatur of Joseph Busch, Bishop of St. Cloud, Minnesota. The incidents recorded in the pamphlet were witnessed by hundreds of people in one way or another. They're based on the eyewitness testimony of Father Joseph Steiger, who assisted at the exorcism along with several other ... A Possession in Iowa

A Child Possessed

A case reported by Richard Baxter in 1691 told of a young girl who was possessed by a demon and delivered from her misery by the hands of exorcists. In one of his treatises, he gives the eyewitness account of Dr. Henricus ab Heer, a doctor in a small village.


A young girl was brought to Dr. Heer in September of 1625, suffering from convulsions, fits and a number of other odd ... A Child Possessed


Exorcism: The Facts and the Fiction

In 1973, audiences all over the world watched as little Regan MacNeil, an adorable pre-pubescent girl, became a hideous monster who spewed pea-soup vomit, rotated her head 360 degrees and spouted vile obscenities to a pair of priests determined to rid her of the demon that possessed her. Read More...


The True Story Behind the Exorcist

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