Extra-Sensory Perception

The phone rings, and for some inexplicable reason you find yourself thinking of an old friend you’ve not heard from in years – only to find that it is that friend on the telephone.

Are there really powers of the mind that only a few of us possess? Discover Extra-Sensory Perception

Do you believe in Extra-Sensory Perception?

Look at the case for and against ESP...


Extra-Sensory Perception Telepathy

Find out what it is, if it exists, and how to do it here


A Guide to Developing Your Extra-Sensory Perception

Develop your extra-sensory perception and understand Aura Readings with our exclusive guide. A Guide to Developing Your ESP



Where does it come from? Find out here


Can this test really read your mind? Give it a go here and see for yourself!



Introducing Psychometry

Psychometry is the ability to detect information about people, places or events, from the past or present, by holding an object connected with the place or the person. Where does it come from and how is it done? Find out here


Cases of Extra-Sensory Perception:
Psychic Detective Elizabeth Baron

Discover the Tennessee native who has helped police in hundreds of cases - Psychic Detective

A Child Psychic

In December, 1985, Cara Powers of Worcester, Massachusetts was just shy of 2 years old. Her mother... A Child Psychic

Edgar Cayce

Did Edgar Cayce possess extra-sensory perception? Find out here

The Work of J.B. Rhine

What Rhine's experiments tell us about ESP. Click here

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