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Saturday 10th April, 2021:

Both your physical and mental vitality are strong. You can win assistance with a friendly, self-assertive manner. <br><br>You listen closely to others. Because you understand your emotions, you express them well. <br><br>You are in a good mood now, but you must guard against overdoing yourself. Diets or resolutions are hard to maintain. Avoid letting desires control your decisions. <br><br>Realize how much worldly ambitions require emotional fulfillment. You may find that you have been too self-possessed to realize your goals. You cannot overemphasize the material without affecting the emotional, and vice-versa. <br><br>Change is a major theme now. Learn how to live for yourself. Be open to new methods, new techniques and different types of people. The more you resist change, the more unexpected events will upset you. <br><br>Sudden events may rock the root of your being. Make fundamental changes in how you deal with the world. Do not rebel against reality, adapt to it. Make your home safer. Look for ways to appease people, particularly those in authority, without giving up your individuality. <br><br>You have the power and confidence to succeed, but be careful. Your success must serve the common good. Selfish concerns can lead to insurmountable opposition. If you do something that serves others, your reward will be great. Look beyond yourself. <br><br>

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