Paranormal Cases and the Unknown

Ghosts, evil spirits, or poltergeists, and other creatures of cultures around the world have existed for centuries. In this area, eMystica looks at the phenomena of mythical stories and case histories behind them, including cases of Exorcism and demons from 1691 to the 1970s...

Ghost stories


Ghost on Pasadena bridge 

California Ghosts: Pasadena's Suicide Bridge

Sadly, the bridge soon attracted those who wished to use that big drop for a more sinister purpose. The first recorded suicide from the bridge was in 1919, and as the years wore on, Pasadena ghostand especially after the beginning of the Great Depression...

Onboard the Queen Mary: A Californian Ghost?

It seems fitting that the Queen Mary would end up as a floating residence for ghosts, considering that she was... Queen Mary Ghost »


Alcatraz Ghosts Alcatraz Ghosts

Although the local Natives (the Ohlone band of the Miwok Nation) did visit the island as a source of birds and eggs, it was also seen as being an.. Ghosts at Alcatraz »




Imagine the situation:

You're sitting in a room alone when out of nowhere, a book flies through the air and smacks into the wall. All around you, the silence erupts into tapping, knocking, banging and clanging - but there's no one in the room, and nothing is moving. As you get up to investigate




Ouija Boards & Seances

Where do Ouija Boards originate from and how are they used in seances?

Ouija Boards: A History, Seances



The Haunting of Eleonore,

The Mena Hoax - Or Was It?

General Wayne Inn


Out of Body Experiences

Exorcism: The Facts and the Fiction

In 1973, audiences all over the world watched as little Regan MacNeil, an adorable girl, became a hideous ... read more...

A Possession in Iowa

The story of the possession of a woman in Earling, Iowa was originally published in 1935 as a pamphlet entitled Satan Begone. It bears the Imprimatur of ... read more

Child Possessed

A case reported by Richard Baxter in 1691 told of a young girl who was possessed by a demon and ... read more

The True Story Behind the Exorcist

What really happened in the case explored by the movie? Find out here

Mythical Creatures



Reality is sometimes strange than fiction. Introducing The Fangtooth


Discover reports of at plant that blooms with geese: Barnacle Tree


Where did he come from? The true story about Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

The World of Zombies

Chupacabra Creature



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Ghost stories

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