Virgo Star Sign

If you are born under the sign of Virgo you will be a practical and somewhat critical person who trusts facts and logic rather than emotions and intuition. You like to analyze and evaluate a situation often in the minutest detail and you are methodical, conscientious and precise.


You are interested in hygiene and cleanliness and will probably enjoy work that involves 'serving others' in some way. You would make a good teacher, psychologist or technologist and may well become involved in health and hygiene in some way. Work and health may be interrelated or their could be a tendency to hypochondria.


In love you have a conventional approach and display refined manners, modesty and a balance of emotion and affection. You have high expectations of your partner and expect others to conform to your same high standards. This can often be difficult for others to live up to.


Financially you either blow your chances in one fell swoop or work steadily to achieve your aim.


Physiologically you may have problems associated with the abdominal region, intestines. nervous disorders and excessive worrying.


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