Tarot Meanings of the Major Arcana

Wheel of Fortune Card

How does Wheel of Fortune look?

A wheel covered in arcane symbols turns in the centre of the scene. A number of figures are riding the wheel. There are four mythical beasts sitting on clouds.

What meanings are associated with Wheel of Fortune?

Meaning: Turn of fate. The cycles of life. Change of fortune. Beginning or end of an important phase of life.


Interpretation for Immediate Situation:

When Wheel of Fortune appears in the Tarot Celtic Cross's Immediate Situation position, it may be interpreted as follows:

The current situation represents a change in your life; one cycle is coming to an end or a new one is beginning. Luckily, fortune is on your side; don't be afraid of change.

Hopes and/or Fears surrounding Immediate Situation:

You're having difficulty transisting between two periods of life. This is a period of positive change for you; the cycles of life are changing and so are your fortunes.

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