Tarot Meanings of the Major Arcana

The Magician Card

How does The Magician look?

A man stands with one hand holding a wand pointing up, and the other pointing at the ground. Above his head is the sign of infinity. A snake swallowing its tail acts as his belt. On a table before him are the elemental tools: Sword, Wand, Cup, and Pentacle.

What meanings are associated with The Magician?

Meaning: Power, A person in control of their life, someone with the ability to draw down higher powers and channel them into our reality, and adept in earthly matters, a trickster.


Interpretation for Immediate Situation:

When The Magician appears in the Tarot Celtic Cross's Immediate Situation position, it may be interpreted as follows:

You feel in control of your life and your present situation; your ability to draw down higher powers and channel them into our reality are enabling you to realise your ambitions. You also understand the situations of a close one, and are able to advise adeptly in this matter.

Hopes and/or Fears surrounding Immediate Situation:

Your current conflict is with powers that be or somebody whose independence is restricting what you want to do. They are achieving what they want to do, but be sure to do what you want to do, not theirs. Be careful not be tricked into anything.

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