Tarot Meanings of the Major Arcana

The Hermit Card

How does The Hermit look?

A robed man stands at the summit of a mountain holding a staff and a lantern.

What meanings are associated with The Hermit?

Meaning: Retreat. Withdrawal from life. Quiet time.


Interpretation for Immediate Situation:

When The Hermit appears in the Tarot Celtic Cross's Immediate Situation position, it may be interpreted as follows:

Life for you seems quiet for you at this time. You feel yourself withdrawing from what you enjoyed, perhaps from your ambitions, or the people you enjoy spending time with. Don't be afraid to reemerge - spend more time with those you love and don't be afraid to be ambitious instead of staying within an easier comfort zone.

Hopes and/or Fears surrounding Immediate Situation:

You feel restless in a quiet period. Exercise properly and get out more - be open to meeting new people even if you feel afraid.

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