Tarot Meanings of the Major Arcana

The Fool Card

How does The Fool look?

A young man is standing on the edge of a cliff staring skywards. He is carrying a white rose and staff with a pack on it. A small dog is dancing around his legs.

What meanings are associated with The Fool?

Meaning: Foolishness, beginnings, impulsiveness, carelessness, a naive sort of openness to the whole process and aspect of life.


Interpretation for Immediate Situation:

When The Fool appears in the Tarot Celtic Cross's Immediate Situation position, it may be interpreted as follows:

This situation is one new beginnings in your life, and with these new starts, a naive attidude towards life. This may be leading you to act on your emotions, but by doing this your impulsiveness can be leading you to act in a way that is foolish.

Hopes and/or Fears surrounding Immediate Situation:

You are having trouble coming to terms with a new start. Tackle them with confidence and you will cope well, but take care not to make careless or rash decisions that may seem to be the easiest option in the short term. Stay focussed and calm.

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