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Using the Tarot for Basic Magic


Tarot reader David North explains the use of Tarot cards for basic magic. It is taken from eMystica's Tarot Course.




In addition to advice and divination, the Tarot can be used in basic magic. This is especially true once you have built up a personal relationship with them, and they have come alive for you. There is one key secret to magic.



All magic is performed by the deep mind. The deep mind does not think in the same way as the conscious mind. To get the deep mind to perform magic, it is necessary to communicate in a way that it understands at a time when it is receptive to the message. Since the deep mind is often inhibited by conscious effort, it is necessary to GET THE CONSCIOUS MIND OUT OF THE WAY AT THE SAME TIME. Then, you have to LEAVE THE DEEP MIND ALONE TO DO THE JOB.


Clearly the first thing you need to do when performing magic is to decide exactly what it is that you want. Do not rush this step. It is important to be thorough for two reasons. First of all, it is extremely likely that you will get what you ask for. Secondly, there could be problems with how your desire manifests.


For example, it is possible to work magic to gain money. If you are active in the economy with a number of channels open to you to receive extra money then there are unlikely to be any problems. If you are not active in the economy, with no additional channels open to you, then your money could still manifest. However, consider the possibilities. You may get knocked down crossing the road, be seriously injured and get compensation. A close relative may die, leaving you money in their will. Clearly it pays to think things through before you act. I know these are often cited cautions, but they are real risks if you don't take account of them. One way around this pitfall is to formulate an outcome which includes the idea of "And harm it none," or a similar condition.


Before resorting to magic, take a look at your life. Could this desire be fulfilled in other ways? Is there a mundane way (the usual channels are frequently easier than magic anyway) to achieve your goal? Should you be working magic in support of these mundane channels rather than a general effort? Are you enchanting for the right thing? (e.g. You may think you want £500 to buy a second hand car. It is often easier on the universe to cast a spell to get a car, rather than the money. Someone may give you a car - no money required).


Equally importantly, can you cope with what you are asking for if it happens? Two examples: You may enchant for a particular job. You may actually get it. But how long will you last and what damage will you do if that job is beyond your capabilities? Make sure you know what you are getting into. Equally, you may decide to enchant for the love of a particular person. Consider - if you need to use magic, there must be an obstacle to your relationship. Could you cope if they fell in love with you? Is your desire a passing crush? If so, how will you cope when you get bored, but they are still (thanks to your magic) hopelessly in love with you? Could you do this to someone and live with yourself afterwards? If you could live with yourself - seek professional help.


Once you have sorted out in your own mind what it is that you want, and that magic is the appropriate way to get it, then write your goal down. I often find that writing it out as though I was explaining my goal to someone else is a big help (as well as often laying bare flaws in my own logic).


Finally, reduce the goal to a short sentence which encapsulates the desire.


Because you have taken a lot of time and effort introducing your deep mind to the meanings of the cards, they can be used in magic in the following way.


Take a spread that you are familiar with, the four worlds is particularly useful here. What would have to be true in each of the four worlds for your desire to manifest? Which cards would be there to represent these evens or circumstances? When you have laid out the spread to represent events as you would like them to be, take time to read the spread. Note if any extra information about your goal becomes apparent.


When you are certain that the spread is just right, commit it to memory. If you can visualise it in your minds eye, you can now pack the cards away. If not, lay out the spread on a table where you can easily see them.


The next step is to communicate this spread to your deep mind as an instruction.


This is achieved in an altered state of consciousness. The state you should be aiming for is one where the mind becomes temporarily paralysed, and is entirely focused on one thing - your spread of cards.


It is vital at this time to focus on the cards, not the desire itself. Focusing on the desire tends to create a chain of events which inhibits the action of your deep mind therefore sabotaging your magic. This tends to occur in the following way: your desire, impressed on your mind in an altered state tends to become the focus of your attention. Because you want this outcome, dwelling on it tends to produce anxiety about your ability to achieve it. In order to counter this anxiety, the mind reflexively begins to desire failure. We naturally tend to strive against the desire to fail. This in turn throws up other conflicting desires.


Before you know it, a clear cut desire has become a morass of conflicting desires, all carrying an emotional charge. The deep mind is unlikely to act in these circumstances.


So how do you bring about the correct state of mind? There are two fundamental ways: the active and passive routes. Active methods basically seek to stimulate the mind until, at the peak of stimulation, it becomes fixed exclusively on the object you have in mind. Passive methods seek to still the mind until it is only aware of the object of your concentration.


Some passive methods include, visualisation (i.e. mentally imagining), hypnosis, meditation, and many more.


There is a third way which is far more difficult, a sort of indifference that allows your symbol to sink deep into the deep mind.


The basic method is to go somewhere where you are unlikely to be disturbed and, using one of the methods above, continue until you are aware only of the object of your concentration i.e. your symbol.


For example, you could use the relaxation exercise you practised earlier using the spread of cards as the focal point. This can be embellished by imagining the cards glowing with a light all of their own. If you concentrate on them for long enough, your mind will freeze temporarily, and all you will be aware of is the cards in front of you. This is what you are aiming for.


When you notice that the moment has passed, pack the cards away and turn your attention elsewhere. It is important now to leave the deep mind to do the job, so try not to dwell on the event, or the desire behind it. If possible, put it out of mind completely. Throwing yourself into some other activity is useful.


Any of the methods described, such as chanting (use a nonsense phrase so that you don't accidentally activate some other outcome) will work. Remember that the aim is to become so absorbed in the spread that it is the only thing in your awareness.


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