Applying Feng Shui to Your Home, Part 2: Architecture

In feng shui, the shape and orientation of your building help determine the flow of energy within it. The exterior characteristics, including its orientation on the compass, attract and focus the flow of fortuitous and unfortunate energies. The interior architecture can trap good energies inside or allow it to run out, or be used to route unfortunate energies around important living areas and encourage it to leave quickly.


Since most of us do not have the option of building a home with our own floor plan, feng shui masters can examine the architecture, both interior and exterior, of a home and prescribe “cures” to help alleviate the effects of a poor orientation or floor plan and enhance the effects of good energy flows.

Evaluating the Exterior for Feng Shui

The suitability of a building as a residence, such as a house, is determined by three principles:

  1. Stability

    In order to provide a good home, a building should be stable. Buildings that are stable appear well-balanced with no part of the structure being significantly larger than the rest. Buildings on pillars are less stable.


  1. Balance

    A building is said to be balanced if it has a symmetrical shape. Asymmetrical buildings are less balanced and can encourage instability in the energies that flow through them.


  1. Smoothness

    A smooth building is a more beneficial dwelling place. Buildings are “smooth” if they have no protruding edges, or sharp points.
    Appearances also can make a difference. If a building resembles a fortified fortress, its energies are far different than a home that presents a welcoming and open face. Buildings that appear to be on fire, slashed or otherwise damaged also are considered unfortunate.

The Interior Architecture


The floor plan of your home regulates and controls the flow of energy. Feng shui practitioners favor homes that encourage an open flow of nourishing energies inside the house and curb and discourage the formation and flow of negative energies. For instance, if your front door and back door are directly opposite each other in the floor plan, good fortune will come in the front and slip immediately out the back. The solution to this is to trap the good energies by erecting a barrier of some sort between the front and back doors. It can be as simple as placing a screen so that it disrupts the flow and encourages it to remain in the house.


Some other floor plan suggestions are:

The home should not have any long, maze-like hallways, dark corners or steep stairways. To prevent bad energies from developing, bring light into dark corners.

If bedrooms have large floor-to-ceiling windows, be certain to provide draperies that can be drawn while sleeping, or protect sleepers from maleficent outside forces with a screen of some sort.


Use rounded and smooth edges wherever possible to encourage the flow and development of positive energies.


Avoid using rough decorative features inside to prevent the development of negative energies. Rough stone walls, knotty unfinished wood paneling and oversized fireplaces all can promote negative energies. Counteract them with flowing water in the room or by screening the fireplace.

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