The easiest way to become an expert in palmistry is to study a hand you're really interested in - your own. Later, when you know more about palm reading you'll be able to amaze your friends by your uncanny skill. You'll find your social circle expanding as even the unlikeliest sort of people come asking you to read their palms, or invite you to their parties.


You should be prepared to study this subject and memorise what the various shapes of the hand and the signs on mean. It's also useful to take imprints of hands that you know so that you can refer to them as you study.



Hands can be divided into four basic types of shapes.

The Square Hand

The palm is as long as it is broad and the fingertips are rather square compared to other people's fingers. Square handed people are level headed, conscientious, practical and conventional. They like to build their lives on a solid foundation and place a high value on security.

The Artistic Hand

These are wide at the base and gradually narrow towards rounded fingertips. These people have a strong inclination to express themselves through art, writing, painting, music, drawing, sculpture, etc. They are imaginative, unconventional, impulsive - preferring to be in a satisfying but poorly paid job to one with many financial rewards which they find boring.

The Psychic Hand

Psychic hands have almond shaped nails and a narrow palm with tapering fingers. These people are highly sensitive and have intuitive gifts which allows them to know things ahead of time. People with psychic hands are emotional and idealistic and often need someone sensible and down to earth to look after them.

The Spatulate Hand

These may remind you somewhat of a chemist's spatula because they widen out at the fingertips. People with spatulate hands are wonderful company, they are stimulating, energetic and self confident. They are dissatisfied with a routine existence and always looking for something new. They are original and inventive and eager to explore new paths and new ideas.


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