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Type: Life Number

Date of Birth: 01/07/1952

Life Number Calculation:

1. Take the date of birth and format the day and month numbers in 2-digit form:

1/7/1952 = 01/07/1952

2. Add the individual digits together and repeat this process until the total is a single digit number:

   0 + 1 + 0 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 5 + 2


   2 + 5


Life Number: 7


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Mary J. Blige

Number Seven people are life's charmers - you can talk or smile your way out of anything but the nice thing is that you are genuinely thoughtful and caring. Because of this you are either loved or hated - and the haters are usually envious of your charms.

You are naturally artistic and would make a good sculptor, painter or musician. However you are versatile and are interested in most things. You can talk about philosophy with the same ease as you discuss pop music.

You are likely to feel claustrophobic if you are stifled in a close relationship for too long - especially if your partner doesn't enjoy the same sophisticated things in life that you do. You may marry more than once - even more than twice and will develop a love of travel, experiencing different culture and cuisine.

You will accumulate money through luck or the generosity of others but are likely to spend it as fast as you get it. Be careful not to run up any debts in your more extravagant moments.

You main fault is one of laziness and you don't see the point in hurrying if you don't have to. This can lead to exasperation on the part of others. Number Seven people would do well working in the legal profession or anything to do with beauty.

First Interpretation | Alternative Interpretation

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