Methods of Adding Numbers in Numerology

How can your method of adding numbers affect interpretations in numerology?


When performing calculations in numerology, the objective is to transform a name (e.g. John) or date, such as a date of birth, into a form of number recognised by numerologists. Such types of numbers include a Life Number and master numbers, which can give an insight into an individual's life, personality and circumstances. 

However, the method by which you calculate these numbers from a date of birth or name can greatly affect the interpretation numerology offers as a result. In this article, we'll offer a guide to the various adding methods and an insight into their origins, helping you to decide which method of adding and reduction is appropriate for the type of numerological interpretation you are aiming to perform.


Basic Adding Method

The simplest and quickest method of calculating a numerologically-usable number from, say, a date of birth, is to lay out each number in the date of birth side by side, and then add. For example:


Date of Birth: February 1st, 2007


Step 1: Lay out numbers in a sequence:

February becomes a 2 (its order in the months), 1st remains a 1 and 2007 is split into each of its component numbers, i.e. 2 0 0 7


Result: 2 1 2 0 0 7


Step 2: Add each number

Add each number in your sequence: 2+1+2+0+0+7=12


Step 3: Reduce to one number

Each number in the resulting number (12) is added together. In the case of 12, 1+2=3. If the number for any reason is a triple digit number, the same applies, and if the result is higher than 2-digits, continue to add the digits in the resulting number until you have just one digit. For example, 99999 is reduced to 9+9+9+9+9=45, then 45 is reduced to 4+5=9



You'll inevitably end up with a single digit number which you can use to interpret the original information (in this case, a date of birth). This method, as we mentioned, is simple, but at the same time, has its drawbacks: while you obtain an easy-to-interpret number, many astrologists place importance on the double-digit numbers that can be derived and interpreted in more depth and with more relevance to the person who is the subject of a numerological interpretation. Read on for more information on this in the next calculation method...



Method Two: Reduce each component, then add together

This  method of adding varies from the first in the we consider each component of the date of birth as seperate - reduce each seperately for three 1-digit numbers (one for day reduced, one for month reduced and one for year reduced) and then add these numbers together to obtain what is often a double digit number. This number is of special importance if it is one of the Master Numbers in Numerology - 11, 22 or 33 - and the number can be used to gain extra insight into a person's numerological situation. The two-digit master number is often expressed in the form:


Master Number / Master Number Reduced

e.g. 22/4


Master Number Example


You may not always come up with a two digit number using this method; it all depends on the digits in the date of birth. Moverover, the double-digit number may not be one of the master numbers - 11, 22 and 33. Numerologists like to take a chance and use this method, though, in case they do discover a person's master number. Let's take the example of August 8th, 1986:


Date: 8/8/1986


Reduce each number seperately


The day and month remain 8 and 8. 1986 is reduced: 1+9+8+6=24. 24 is reduced - 2+4=6


Each number is reduced...

Leaving us with 3 single-digit numbers, 8 8 6


THEN reduce the 3 numbers together:




We've found a date with a master number! This master number can also be reduced and interpreted seperately as a signle digit number. So, 2+2=4. Then, we can express a person's master number as 22/4 and consider the relevance of both numbers to a person's life.



Which adding method to use?

Both methods of adding give you a number that you can use as a basis for a numerological interpretation. It's really up to you as an individual to use the method that you prefer, or the method that is going to give you the extra information (master number) that you require.

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