Are You Psychic?

Mark the response to each question that best fits your experience. Don't spend too much time on it - your first response is the one that will be the best guide to your talents.

Work or School (Page 3 of 3)

2. At work or school

Are you good at any sporting activities they organise
Would you rather be doing something else
Do you find you can concentrate easily
Do you pick things up quickly
When someone explains something it is like you knew it already put hadn't got the right words for it

Your Personal life

1. Do you

Make friends easily
Have a wide variety of social events to go to
Keep your social life comfortable - not too much going on - just enough
Have a small but close circle of friends
Find making friends difficult but rewarding

2. Have you

Ever read your horoscope and felt it could apply to anyone
Wondered why people waste money on horoscopes, crystals and the like
Felt ok with these things, each to their own
Read your horoscope and no matter how vague it may be found inspiration from it
Read your horoscope and despite the language you were able to see what the astrologer was really getting at and got a clear idea of what the day held for you

3. Do you

Answer the phone only to be surprised whose calling
Generally know when your friends and family are likely to call
Usually wonder who it might be
Often know who is calling as soon as the phone starts to ring
Find that you've just been thinking about someone and they ring

4. When you watch the news - which is the closest match for your opinion

The newsreaders can be trusted to tell us the truth
Listen for the "facts" in the report and make up your own mind
Believe that they'll get most of it right
Listen uncritically but sometimes feel uneasy with the story
Feel that you've got more out of the story then was given in the report.

5. When meeting someone for the first time, do you

Shake hands firmly, listen to what they've got to say for themselves.
Find that you've made up your mind about them very quickly
Take them at face value
Watch their body language and gauge what they are saying in the light of that
Surprise yourself by knowing, often before they speak, the gist of what they're going to say.
6. When someone starts talking about strange or mysterious things do you

Wonder why they are so gullible
Extract the checkable facts from what they say and then make up your mind from these facts
Decide to keep an open mind on what they say
Find the whole thing fascinating and want to look into it further
Have a clear sense inside yourself of what the truth is in respect of these matters.




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