Are You Psychic?



Mark the response to each question that best fits your experience. Don't spend too much time on it - your first response is the one that will be the best guide to your talents.

Your Family Background (Page 2 of 3)

1. Was your family

Practical and down to earth
Focussed on the here and now
Clear about how you should behave and what you could and could not do
More easy going
Encouraging any creative qualities you might demonstrate

2. Thinking of you wider circle of relatives

Were most of them also down to earth
Did they have a pragmatic approach to life
Were any of them artistic
Did any of them have unusual occupations
Were any of them psychic

3. Was your immediate family (mother, father, brother, sister)

Supporting of your physical needs
Emotionally supportive
Both of the above
Relaxed and self confident
Generally aware of each others needs and wishes

Problem Solving
1. When you have a problem to solve do you

List the pros and cons and come to a balanced decision
List the pros and cons and then sleep on it
Wait and see how the situation develops
Sit and wait for the answer to come
Trust your instincts - your first impression

2. How do you spot a problem in life

It's obvious isn't it? - the facts speak for themselves
Most people would consider this a problem if it happened to them
I've been expecting this for some time based on the facts
Something just doesn't feel right
I've known that something was going to go wrong for some time - I'm not sure why

3. If someone asks you for your advice, do you

Get them to talk about the situation then advise based on the facts they gave
Try and draw a solution out from them by talking through the situation and asking thoughtful questions
From what you know of them, you have an answer in mind before they ask
You had a feeling they were going to ask you and have prepared some advise
You found you just "knew" what to say the moment you were asked
Work or School
1. At work or school do you ever

Find yourself being taken by surprise quite frequently
Realise that you are generally aware of what's going on in the organisation
Wonder what makes the place tick
Get treated like someone who knows the answers to life's problems
Anticipate situations and events without giving them too much thought




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