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Learn the Art of Tarot Reading

eMystica's exclusive guide will show how to give personal Tarot readings to friends, family and clients with ease! You will learn a range of card layouts, symbols' meanings and how do give readings with this in-depth yet easy-to-follow online course. More details...

Master Magic

Access eMystica's complete course in real magic. Find out how to enter a magical trance at will, to activate your innate magical powers; become a more dynamic, charismatic person, and more with real magic. More details...

Develop Extra-Sensory Perception

Learn how to use ESP to your full potential with our exclusive new guide.

Read your head with Phrenology

Do our heads give away secrets to our personality? Discover our interactive guide to the classic art of Phrenology to find out what the bumps on our heads could mean.

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Ghosts and Poltergeists

Was the Mena Hoax really a hoax? Do poltergeists exist? We explore the unknown. Join eMystica to discover the paranormal.


Fascinating, hooking articles and case histories on a range of mysticism subjects, including: Chinese Astrology, Exorcism - facts and fiction, Extra-Sensory Perception, Phrenology, Poltergeists, Psychics, Real Magic and Tarot, with new articles added regularly!


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  2. Subscribe for online mysticism courses, features and more!

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